2023 NASA International Space Apps Challenge Awards

While the main purpose of the hackathon is to encourage collaboration and cooperation, NASA Space Apps recognizes exceptional projects each year through its 10 Global Awards.

Award - Best Use of Science

Best Use of Science

The project that makes the best and most valid use of science and/or the scientific method.
Award - Best Use of Data


Best Use of Data

The project that best makes space data accessible or leverages it for a unique application.
Award - Best Use of Technology


Best Use of Technology

The project that exemplifies the most innovative use of technology.
Award - Galactic Impact


Galactic Impact

The project with the most potential to improve life on Earth or in the universe.
Award - Best Mission Concept


Best Mission Concept

The project with the most plausible concept and design.
Award - Most Inspirational


Most Inspirational

The project that captures our hearts.
Award - Best Use of Storytelling


Best Storytelling

The project that most creatively communicates the potential of open data through the art of storytelling.
Award - Global Connection


Global Connection

The project that best connects people around the world through technology.
Award - Art & Technology


Art & Technology

The project that most effectively combines technical and creative skills.
Award - Local Impact


Local Impact

The project that demonstrates the greatest potential for local impact.