Meet the team



Paula has been a biological oceanographer for 25 years. She spent over 16 years as the program manager for Ocean Biology and Biogeochemistry at NASA Headquarters, as well as the Lead for NASA’s Carbon Cycle and Ecosystems Focus Area and the agency’s Carbon Cycle Science research lead, before becoming the Earth Science Division’s Acting Deputy Director in 2019. She is Program Scientist for MODIS-Terra and Aqua, Suomi NPP, PACE, NAAMES (EV-S), HICO, CORAL (EV-S), and the former SeaWiFS mission. She has been honored to be invited to teach the Earth Science module of NASA’s astronaut training class over the last several years.



Patricia is Senior Advisor in NASA’s Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters. With degrees in geology, Earth and planetary sciences, she builds teams that tackle challenges in the US and around the world. An award-winning writer, science communicator and teacher, she is always interested in sharing NASA science and exploration with anyone and everyone, anywhere and at any time.



Sarah is an Earth science program and policy analyst with Booz Allen Hamilton and the NASA Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters. As an ecologist with a background in environmental health science, international relations, and communications, she is always on the lookout for experiences that complement personal interests in health disparities, environmental and infectious disease, and international development.



Ajay is a Data Scientist with Booz Allen Hamilton. At the NASA Langley Research Center, he works with Python and R to develop algorithms and client solutions. With a background in Astronomy & Physics, he has conducted research in the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. As part of the Space Apps Global Organizing team out of NASA Headquarters, Ajay is bringing his experience with collegiate hackathons to developing challenges and supporting the framework of NASA Space Apps.



Shobhana, MD, PhD, is a physician scientist, currently serving as Open Innovation and Community Applications Manager in the Earth Science Division at NASA Headquarters, where she uses her biomedical training to manage open innovation programs for the Applied Sciences Program. With a passion for innovation and citizen engagement in science, Shobhana is known as "Shobsat" on our blog! Shobhana completed her medical and graduate training at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology, and trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Yale University School of Medicine in the Department of Neurology.



Matt manages storytelling and engagement at SecondMuse. He produces creative promotional efforts, whether blogs, video interviews, live streams, or social media content, for the purpose of global social and environmental impact, in addition to finding new ways to connect with the community. He first became part of the in Space Apps Global Organizing team in 2016 and has also been involved in the team behind the NASA Datanauts initiative. Matt is the Space Apps 2018 Community Manager.



Blake works on global innovation programs at SecondMuse and has been part of the Space Apps team since 2015. Blake believes in the power and necessity of collaboration between diverse actors to drive innovation and meaningfully address complex global challenges. He is inspired by the Space Apps community and everyone who hacks to pull off Space Apps.



Chad is a partner at SecondMuse, where he is responsible for strategic programs, marketing, and learning services. As a business professional with 25 years of experience in strategic problem solving, systems design, and learning, Chad strongly believes collaboration is fundamental in addressing complex problems and creating global prosperity. His work at SecondMuse includes strategy and systems, and conceiving, incubating, and scaling innovation initiatives in partnership with public and private sector organizations. He has worked across sectors including corporate strategy, big data, blockchain, entrepreneurship and sustainability.



Neisan is the Director of Data and Strategic Programs at SecondMuse. He has 10 years of experience implementing data innovation programs with leading development and technology organizations such as Intel, NASA, NYCEDC, UNEP and the World Bank Group. His areas of expertise include big data, corporate strategy, civic tech, entrepreneurship and sustainability. Neisan is passionate about addressing complex development challenges through collaboration, human-centered design, and technology.