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At Space Apps, There’s Always Space For One More

Space Apps is committed to providing a professional and productive forum for all participants to engage in a robust exchange of ideas regarding the challenges. At all times, participants are responsible for maintaining professional decorum and treating each other with respect and dignity. Bullying, discrimination, or harassment on any basis will not be tolerated in the Space Apps Challenge. We strive to ensure that Space Apps is a place where every person feels they belong, where they are comfortable being authentic, and where they are empowered to contribute to their fullest.

If you experience or witness discrimination, harassment, or any form of bullying during the Space Apps Challenge, or have any other concerns, please contact your Local Lead and/or the Space Apps Global Organizing Team at [email protected]. The Space Apps Global Organizing Team will take appropriate action, which may include warning or expelling the offending participant from the event.

With participants and volunteers from 150 countries, Space Apps is one of the best ways NASA celebrates diversity, creating a space for problem-solvers everywhere to spark epic solutions.
— Sandra Cauffman, Deputy Director of the Earth Science Division
Differences brings us chemistry. There are various stars in space, and they are all different. We can celebrate our differences in Space Apps, the one community with ‘WOW!’ In Osaka, we call it ‘OMOROI!’
— Miyuki Toriyama, Space Apps Osaka Local Lead
What really strikes me about Space Apps is that you bring your diversity to a team, and this adds unique value to the project. Only your ideas count, not how you look or which gender you belong to, and your uniqueness is seen as something exciting rather than discriminatory. It’s the true sense of cooperation towards a common goal for the benefit of everyone, to go beyond the surface and value what really matters; diversity is richness, the true catalyst of innovation and evolution. Space Apps is a world where your diversity is not a burden, but a resource.
— Chiara Chiesa, Space Apps Brescia Local Lead