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Last Updated: 13 June 2024

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Challenges & Using Open Data

NASA Space Apps challenge statements are developed by NASA Subject Matter Experts. They encompass a variety of topics, from Earth science to space exploration, and include open data resources from NASA and its Space Agency Partners.

A summary of each challenge statement will be released several weeks in advance of the hackathon. Summaries of the 2024 NASA Space Apps challenges will become available on August 22, 2024, with the full statements available on September 12, 2024. Many of these statements may include videos further explaining how to utilize the data provided. You can also watch the videos in our 2024 Challenges playlist on YouTube, linked below.

Global Offers

Each year, the NASA Space Apps Challenge collaborates with companies and organizations that provide free tools and resources to NASA Space Apps Challenge participants to support the creation of their hackathon projects. We will share the offers provided by these Global Collaborators with registered participants on October 4, 2024, ahead of the NASA Space Apps Challenge.